BPT Sample Archiver

Version 1.0 (OutSystems 7)
Published on 13 August 2013 by 
Created on 13 August 2013
This component is a proof of concept of how you can use the new process cleanup actions included in the BPT API (part of System Components) to archive the data from old processes into a set of separate entities.
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Feature list:

- Simple archiver you can adapt to fit your needs

- Extension points to archive your own data related with the BPT model

Main benefits:

- Speed up access to BPT data you need on a daily basis;

- Archive BPT data in a different catalog;

- Recover database space used by old BPT data;

System Requirements and Limitations:

- Platform Server v7.0.1.18+ or


The solution includes two eSpace modules:

  • BPTSampleContainer: contains samples processes and an entity that depends on the BPT model - this is only used to create some sample data to demonstrate the archiving process;

  • BPTSampleArchiver: provides archive and delete actions for closed processes - this is the one you should inspect.

To implement this sample archiver, 3 steps were followed:

  • Make a clone of the BPT meta-model and your own business entities that directly reference it;

  • Create an action that is capable for copying an entire process tree (subprocesses, activities, parameters) from the original meta-model to the cloned version. This action also contains some extension points to add you own custom logic, used to archive you own business entities that reference parts of the BPT meta-model. An example is provided.

  • Use the new process cleanup actions included in the BPT API (part of System Components) to delete the archived processes.

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