Line and Pie Graphs enhancements

Version 4 (OutSystems 8)
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Created on 25 November 2013
enhancements to LineChart and PieChart
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I grabbed ITDashboard, "used" ChartToPdf to make it's Dashboard exportable and worked some "limmitations" found in the platform 8 Charts  (LineChart and PieChartI)

As such, this oml is ready to test because of it's data bootstrap. (I didn't change mutch of ITDashboard, just created 2 webblocks wrapping this charts)

Line Chart:

Allows to legend each line rigth next to it's last poit.
Allows to interact with the rendered lines toggling their visibility.
Allows to differentiate the points that build the line from the line itself.
Allows to render a legend that includes all points.
Allows to define the unit of the points rendered.
Allows to render the default Export actions that come by default in the Highcharts API (example)
Can be exported to pdf (using HtmlToPdfConverter) without cutting graph content (not defining marginTop to a value bigger than 2 makes the pdf cut the the top edge of the higher value.)


PieChart exhibiting percentages:

Also allows to render the default Export actions that come by default in the Highcharts API (example),
Allows slice selection.
Allows to control the values exhibeted: absulute or percentage and to define the unit of the points rendered.


Here you may find some cool customizations you might want to use (Highcharts API)
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Pie chart can toggle it's slices visibility
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