Environment Sticker

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Environment Sticker

Use the provided widgets / API to make your non-production environments (e.g. Dev, QA...) look or behave differently from production.
Small proof-of-concept on how to tap into the platform's data model to get the running mode and server name.
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On small software factories, sometimes the same team has access to both production and non-production environments. On this scenario, you'll want to make sure nobody clicks that critical-erase-stuff-without-undo button in production by mistake (thinking it was QA).
With this, you can make your non-production environment look different (let's say, by adding a big top banner saying (Testing Environment), or behave differently (for example, disabling / enabling certain features depending if you're in a production server or not).

[How to use]

Add the provided web blocks (EnvironmentSticker_Circle or EnvironmentSticker_Name) to your layout screens. They'll be shown in non-prod servers, but hidden in production.

Or, just reference these public actions and build your own logic / UI changes around them:
  • Environment_DevelopmentMode (boolean - true for non-prod, false for production environments).
  • Environment_Name (text - returns the configured environment name).
[Note] This component's behavior is based on Service Center's configuration: Administration > Environment Configuration:
  • Running Mode
  • Environment Name
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