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How To - BPT - Human Activity Close when due date is reached
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You can use this pattern to trigger an action when the human activity due date has elapsed.
In this example you can see that each of the human activities instanciate their own WaitForTimeOut passing their due date to the time out property. 
In order to keep track of which human activity relates to which time out there is a simple table with both activity id's. 
If a human activity is closed normaly it then closes the WaitForTimeOut. If the due date elapses, the time out on the WaitForTimeOut is triggered signaling the human activity to close and passing a parameter IsTimeOut set to true.
There is some added login in the OnClose events to check if the activities are already closed and do some clean up. 
In this example there is also a WaitForTimeOut behaviour modifier, the primary approver human task should close once the due date is reached, but if the Secondary Approver times out then the NotifySomeOne Action is triggered.
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