Trick or treat, bags of sweets, Neos walking down the street

Happy Halloween! We hope your day is filled with goblins, witches, and plenty of treats (even candy corn if that’s a thing you like… no judging). 

Speaking of treats, we have some, just for you!

With Neo (our Community Mascot) coming to life soon, we wanted everyone to have a piece of the action. I’m excited to introduce #neomoji!

Fun and spoooooooooky, right? But what can you do with #neomoji? Well, other than using them in forum posts, you can bring your Slack to life (or death in the case of Halloween)! 

(Below are a few examples from OutSystems Slack channels)

Here’s a quick guide to adding #neomoji to your slack


  1. Download the NEOmoji Pack here

  2. Get this Chrome extension » Neutral Face Emoji Tools

  3. Go to the following link: <your_team> (in Chrome)

  4. Drag’n’drop all emojis on the Emoji Uploader drop area

  5. Have fun using :neo-emojiname: !

I hope you have fun using the #neomoji in Slack, or wherever else you may use them! I’d love to hear about other ways you’ll use them!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Works really funny!
Introduced them at the slac channel of my customer :)

These were begging for use IRL, and I happen to own a 3D