[Discovery] Discovery on OS11

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Published on 2018-11-30 by João Rafael Capucha
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Published on 2018-11-30 by João Rafael Capucha

In ODC it was told that Discovery is already updated to OS11 but there's still no version here in Forge.

Is there a release date for 11?


This is the Definitive tool to manage, evaluate and quickly find directions on architecture improvements. Please make it available to OS11 asap 

They released the update yesterday.

Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:

They released the update yesterday.

Hi Daniel, I cant seem to find the release you are referring to? 

Hi Nicholas,

Sorry for the confusion. Indeed in the Forge it is not mentioning it is OS11 compatible.Looking back now bit confused about the date of my post and the last version date of the component.

I installed it succesfully in version 11.

In my post I tried to refer to the version that includes the connection to LifeTime and LifeTime Teams to define domains. This was for me the important change that was presented on the ODC that we wanted to use at a customer site where we develop with 3 teams on 3 domains.

So altough it says version 10, it is the version presented on the ODC: