Reporting Tools in compliance with OutSystems


As a company, we're conducting a digitalization process. Currently, our users export data from various sources and perform pivot table and graph operations in Excel. We're trying to carry all these processes into a software. We also have lots of other OutSystems apps that usually serve for BPM and basic reporting purposes.

We especially need a fast and reliable online reporting tool, that almost has the same capabilities as MS Excel, and can be easily used by non-developer users. We're currently demoing Dundas, MS Power BI, and Qlik Sense. We tend to prefer such external tools because we're low both on manpower and OutSystems App Objects. The data will be coming from OutSystems on-premise servers (MS-SQL).

What would you suggest we try for such processes? Do you think we can use these kinds of reporting tools in compliance with OutSystems? Or is there any Forge apps that serve to a similar purpose?