I am trying to consume a SOAP web service. I am using Outsystems 11.6.27. 

I have two issues:

1. When I add the WSDL file I get this message:

2. The second is this error (I am using "TheServiceName" instead of real name):

Internal Error

Compilation Error.

CustomClients\TheServiceName_Out_AsycService\CcTheServiceName_Out_AsycService.TheServiceName_Out_Asyc.cs(88,84): error CS0117: 'ssWSI.CcTheServiceName_Out_AsycService.SOAPRecords' does not contain a definition for 'ToProxyStructure'

requestHolder.MT_MyDataTypeName = inParamRecords.ToArray<DT_MyDataTypeName_Records>(SOAPRecords.ToProxyStructure);

State: Second stage compilation

Any ideas how to resolve these errors? 

I would appreciate your prompt response as I need this for an important task. 

I saw other questions in the forum but they are not resolved. 



Hi Maitha,

I had this same problem once and solved it with a support ticket that returned me with the following information:

Allow us to share the result of our analysis on the definition you have provided:
- we verified that an error in the identification of the method is due to the fact that the code for the type "INPUT" is not being generated;
- we found that the platform has difficulty in consuming certain complex types defined "in line";
- we will consider the situation you reported so that we can improve the behavior of the platform in the future, in similar situations;
- in order to get around this situation, we replaced the definition of the complex type with an isolated definition, verifying that the error is no longer depleted;
- note that there is no need to change the WebService simply by importing the WSDL we share instead of the URL of the WebService;

At the time, I was also in a hurry and couldn't wait for support to return, so I did an Extension to consume SOAP with .Net, as a workaround.

You can use this documentation to create the Extension.

And this sample to consume a SOAP using C#

Let me know if you need any more help!

Best Regards,



Thanks all for your responses. I appreciate it. 

 I've resolved the compilation error (second error) by applying the work arounds in the link :


After I added dummy element to the complexType I am able to compile successfully. 

But the first message still appears (the optional extension element "Policy")


Great news!

This "But the first message still appears (the optional extension element "Policy")" is just a warning message, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Leandro Correa wrote:

Great news!

This "But the first message still appears (the optional extension element "Policy")" is just a warning message, so it shouldn't be a problem.

thanks for you responses! 

You are welcome!