[WB Backoffice] Count of AOs

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Published on 28 Apr by Stacey Levine
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Published on 28 Apr by Stacey Levine

How many Application Objects (AOs) does the front and back end for the My Wellbeing system take up?  I'm on a limited license.

Hi Jeffrey,

Don't worry about AO, outsystems providing unlimited AO in all license.

Please check below link 



Rajat Agrawal

Hi Rajat,

I think this new licensing structure is for new customer or renewals but for existing customer who are already in their licensing cycle they still have to respact AO as per their licenses. Upon review I think they would be able to change to the new unlimited AO license.

I am not sure about this but this is what I got to know from my intraction with some users.

Hi Jeffrey,

Nikhil is right I believe.

Either way, if you want to see AO usage of an application go to the following ServiceCenter page:


It will show the AO usage per module, and you can filter on the module names.

There are also Forge components available in the Forge, that will give you this summary, like:


which can do the totalization os all AOs of all modules in a project for you.