HI all,

I am using Touch ID Plugin from forge.

Can anyone tell me how this works?

In the scenes how we manage fingerprint using this component, weather it takes device's fingerprint for access or it creates it's own impression.

Also can anyone give sample with latest outsystems 11 dependencies.


Dhiraj Manwani.

Hi Dhiraj,

Have you seen the components' documentation page? It describes how to use the plugin.



Hi Dhiraj,

You could also consider to download the working login sample, and learn by inspecting how that is coded.


I installed and tested it once, and it uses the fingerprints you registered in your device (tested on Android).



Hello Dhiraj,

So basically this plugin enables the fingerprint capability of the mobile device. As soon as you call the TouchID client action, the application will request the fingerprint authentication stored on the device. This plugin uses the device's fingerprint for the access, it doesn't create a new one. It will show the exact popup that appears when you try to unlock your mobile's screen with the fingerprint.

This TouchID client action returns an output parameter (Success), that is True if the fingerprint matches and the user has been authenticated successfully and False otherwise.

One last note: this plugin will only work if you have the fingerprint capability configurated in your device. Even though the device supports fingerprint, if it's not configurated, the plugin won't work. That's why it's very important to use the CheckTouchIdPlugin client action in your logic before calling the TouchID action.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I am using it in 2 of my mobile applications that are already in production environment. If you need any explanation or just want to see a functional example, let me know. I'll gladly show and explain how it works in detail.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


I am trying to create a login page using the "Touch Id Plugin" where when the user  click on touch button it should get logged in. 

i tried creating that but it is throwing an error like Touch Id is not defined.

Can someone help me how we can do that.


Hi Harshita,

First you should to check touch is working in mobile or not.

after that you need to first login with username and password after that you would be able to login wirh touch id .


Rahul Sahu