[Vertical Alphabetical Scroll] OutSystems UI Tabs stop working properly when component is present

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Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista
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Published on 4 May by Henrique Batista


after some analysis of why this behavior was happening, I found out why was this happening.

First of all, let me describe what was happening. After landing on a page using this component, using the tabs widget, when I switched to another tab and tried to scroll down, the widget would get broken, Switching again to the first tab and with the first record hidden, and throwing a Data conversion error.

This is due to the component is using a clone version (and custom) of the touch events library, but not renaming the TouchTrack js component. This custom version has an additional attribute on the OnStart Event handler, and the JS component has the same name as used by OutSystems UI, therefore this overrides the OutSystems UI JS component, making the OutSystems UI tabs using the wrong JS library.

VerticalAlphabeticalScroll > TouchTrack js File

OutSystems UI Version 2.5.1 > TouchTrack js file

And, as you can see, when tabs use the first Library, it is expecting an Integer and gets an object, breaking it.

 In order to fix this, I changed the VerticalAlphabeticalScroll TouchTrack like in the image bellow

you also need to rename the OnReady Bind Events, to match this new name

Thanks João!

Hi João,

Thanks for the detailed description.

Do you want to join the team and release a new version of the component?


Hi Henrique,

I'm glad to help, so you can add me to the team. 

Have you checked this thread? I could have some help there, I have a solution but it has several performance issues, so I would like to know some your thoughts on how you would do it.