[Wish] Outsystems Service/Integration Studio on Linux & Mac OS X
Hi all

I'm noticing that Outsystems ideas are growing faster than ever, and for that, I was wondering when it will come a Cross platform Outsystems tool.
Many of us, are forced to work with Windows only because Outsystems Service Studio does not work with other systems. I think its time to change that, don't you?

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Hi Nelson,

You can use Outsystems on a mac with VMWARE FUSION, https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/

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Hi Robert,

thank you for your fast answer, but I already know that.

On a Mac or linux I can use a vmware, virtualbox or any other virtual machine tool to work with outsystems, but I need to install Windows anyway.

I would like to open the Service Studio directly on my linux laptop, without the need to turn on a virtual machine.

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Hey Nelson,

I have been trying to load the Outsystems Platorm server in VirtualBox using Windows XP on Mac host.  I keep getting "Host not found".  Can you provide me with some steps of how to successfully set this up?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Vera, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

Indeed there are some people who use the Agile Platform in such environments, and I know that it works - at least to some extent.

Under what conditions are you getting that error? When? Is it during the installation, or when you're running the Platform?

Second, what server are you trying to connect to? Is it the local server, or an external one? If I recall correctly, the connection settings need to be properly configured in VMWare in order for the virtual machine to access external servers, so I'd assume VirtualBox would be similar.

Let's see if some of our Mac users drop a line here :)


Paulo Tavares
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"Let's see if some of our Mac users drop a line here :)"
Tested on mac using parallels desktop 6 
No problem here.

"I have been trying to load the Outsystems Platorm server in VirtualBox using Windows XP on Mac host. I keep getting "Host not found". Can you provide me with some steps of how to successfully set this up? Any help would be much appreciated."

Without knowing the full details, hard to say what that message really means, if you are trying to connect using the domainname/computername and getting that error message, it could be a DNS issue, have you tried connecting to the server using the server's IP Address?
Hi Vera,

Make sure you use a bridge network adapter and your firewall isn't blocking the needed outsystems ports.
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It will be a very important step for successfully acceptance on United States (Mac OS X).
For sure! 

Rafael Pereira
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Another Happy MAC user here, using Paralles Desktop 6 to run Service Studio and Integration Studio!!

No problems so far.


Miguel Simões João
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Let's work better and make this available for all platforms.

Best Regards,
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This does seem a bit of a limitation.  It's 2017 not 1999.  

I'm not directly comparing Outsystems with any of the following but:  Ionic, Phonegap, Appcelerator, FuseTools, NativeScript, Appery, Screendy, Appgyver... in fact ever mobile dev platform that comes to mind has multi-platform tools either in the native GUI, command line or through a browser.   Appery & Screendy have really rich visual IDEs for building apps & wiring up components to REST backends etc.  all done in the browser.

Even Microsoft's Xamarin Studio has a Mac version!    Yet the OutSystems offering is tied to Windows....so that people can develop apps which run on... Android and iOS?

It's a real shame.


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I'm a bit dazed and confused that nobody has posted the comment 'You do know there's a beta version of outsystems that runs in a browser?'    

I found out by accident when logging into my outsystems account through a web browser and saw the "We notice you're fortunate enough not to be using Windows, do you want to try the limited web beta version?" or something similar.  ;-)

Amazing news - I wonder how 'limited' the beta is?


Alexandra (Brower) Bowen
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Hey Steve,

The web version as it is today, is very experimental with limited capability. Here's a forum post that explains a bit more.

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Hi all: just sharing the exciting news that OutSystems Service Studio is now available for Mac OS in a Technical Preview:

Please try it and share your feedback!

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Correcting my earlier comment, Studio for Mac tech preview is only available for OS11: https://www.outsystems.com/home/downloadsdetail/110/2112/

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Now wee need Linux platform version. 

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Edson Barbosa wrote:

Now wee need Linux platform version. 

Hi Edson,

Please upvote the following idea:


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Hi! I need a linux version too.

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I need a linux version too. Thanks.

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Yes! We need!

I have a suggestion for the outsysyems platform development team: on Linux, the environment was able to be installed and started with the help of the wine emulator.  The problem occurred when starting the platform, as it requires it to work together with the default browser.  At that time, it stops working.  Try to create a way of not having direct dependence on the platform with the browser.  If so, include a browser built into the platform.  Here in Brazil, there are several developers with knowledge of Linux and dot net core.  Propose the challenge on social networks.  You can only gain from this.