Introducing the new Mobile Developer Specialization

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Today we come with some fresh news regarding the OutSystems Certification program.

Following the launch of the new Associate Reactive Developer Certification, and because Mobile development continues to be a relevant area of expertise we’ve decided also to launch the new Mobile Developer Specialization, also on Monday, August 10th!

Introducing the new Mobile Developer Specialization

The Mobile Specialization is a new exam focused only on topics that are specific to OutSystems Mobile development. This Specialization requires the candidate to be a certified Associate Reactive Developer and it’s a step forward on the journey to becoming a Professional Mobile Developer, meaning that it is one of the required Specializations to achieve it.

What is a Specialization?

A Specialization is a new concept introduced in the OutSystems Certification offer. It consists of a smaller exam, focused on evaluating the necessary skills for a specific role or area of the product.

How will Specializations be integrated into the Certification program?

 An Associate Reactive Developer is just the first level of the OutSystems Certification journey. Any Associate Reactive Developer will then have several Specializations available. These Specializations will test specific areas of knowledge and expertise, being a step forward on the continuous journey to mastery.

Then, after getting a  particular group of specializations, the candidate will automatically receive a certification badge. This means that a higher level certification will consist of a group of smaller, focused exams, instead of a larger exam covering multiple topics.

Why are we introducing Specializations?

There are 3 main reasons why we’re introducing Specializations:

  • Have smaller exams, more focused, and with fewer topics to cover; allowing candidates to learn and test out a specific area of expertise, instead of preparing for multiple and complex topics in a single exam;
  • Have less expensive exams;
  • Contribute to a more granular certification journey, focused on continuous growth and progress towards mastery.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the evolution of the OutSystems Certification program, with the release of more Specializations and Certifications, so stay tuned!

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Manuel Salgado
Head of Training @ OutSystems

Some extra answers to your possible questions:

What happens to my Associate Mobile Developer certifications?
All certified Associate Mobile Developers will automatically receive the Associate Reactive Developer badge and certification, plus the Mobile Developer Specialist badge.

What happens to the already purchased and scheduled Associate Mobile Developer exam?
The exams already purchased and scheduled will follow the same process described in the question above. If a candidate passes the Associate Mobile Developer exam, OutSystems will automatically grant the Associate Reactive Developer certification and Mobile Developer Specialist badges. 


"The Mobile Specialization is a new exam focused only on selecting those that are specific to OutSystems Mobile development. This specialization requires the candidate to be a certified Associate Reactive Developer and a step forward on the journey to becoming a Professional Mobile Developer, which It means that it is one of the specializations required to achieve it. "

And what will these Specializations be?

I was a little confused. I have the Mobile certification, so it means that I will receive the new Reactive, and that of Specialist in mobile development. So far I think I understand, but what other specializations existed to obtain the Professional Mobile Developer certification?


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Great , that was long awaited fro mobile !



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I'm also curious!!!Lets wait to next step 

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Great news!

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HI Manuel,

We  have already purchase the link, further we going to attend the reactive web developer  examination, what is my syllabus, reactive web only or reactive and mobile?

please reply immediately.



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Great News!!!

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Great news! 

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Hi Manuel,

I am a Professional Web Developer and an Associate Mobile Developer. I signed up yesterday for the Associate Reactive Exam and scheduled it for the first of September and of course had to pay 200$.

That was a big mistake? What can I / we do?



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Hi Manuel,

Where can i find this new exam? 

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Hi all,

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing some general difficulties that are preventing us from launching our 2 new exams and many other new features

We will keep you posted and share when the new exams are finally available. 

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I think the best is wait for new certifications plans in september to schedule the next exams ;)... its a short wait.

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Think it would be nice if this diagram (together with traditional) is visable somewhere on the certification page. This will give an one picture overview how certifications are arranged for the OS platform.

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Nice explanation with good diagram

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Hi @Manuel Salgado - Any update on the other two specialization exams? 

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Its  great to know about the different exams been launching. It will be very helpful for the community members to keep achieving more and more specialization on OutSystems.

Waiting for the update on new specialization exams, Thanks.

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I liked your 3 main reasons for introducing Specializations!! 

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Very nice!!!