Introducing the new Architecture Specialization

Hello OutSystems Community,

Today we come with fresh news regarding the OutSystems Certification program.

We’re excited to let you know that the new OutSystems Architecture Specialization is out!

Who is it for?

This Specialization exam is aimed at certified OutSystems developers. To take the Architecture specialization exam, you must be a certified Associate Reactive Developer.

What topics will you find on this new exam?

  • Architecture Canvas

  • Design process and validation

  • Architecture patterns

  • Application composition

  • Style guide architecture

How can you get ready?

The best way to prepare for the Architecture Specialization exam is to follow the Architecting Sustainable Applications online guided path and the online resources listed in the Exam Detail Sheet available on the Certification Page.  Also, you can attend the Advanced Developer Boot Camp, which has 2 days dedicated to Architecture that cover most of the topics in this exam, with hands-on exercises. After scheduling your exam, you can also consolidate the learnings by taking a sample exam, also available on the Certification Page.

Finally, how can you get it?

Go to our Certification Page and register for the exam.

Any questions? Feel free to find your answers on our Learn Page.
Can’t find what you want to know? Reach us at

Together we are stronger!

With our best regards,

Manuel Salgado
Head of Training @ OutSystems

Sensational Manuel!

Excited to take this exam and get certified !!


nice. one more badge.

Excellent Manual.. !! 

Excellent Manuel :)

Nice one!


It's great to hear about this new certification, Thanks Manuel Salgado for this news. 

Wow new certification ;)

Thanks Manuel for sharing this information.

Very much excited to take this exam and get certified !!

Good news


Great !!! One more certification :)



Very good! 

Just one doubt (or two): there is some prevision  about the dates for the last two spetializations and what topics will be covered? Just curious... :)

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Wonderful! Although I noticed all the specialized certifications are now focusing on reactive development. Curious, Is this the track higher on the vision? 

This has a nice representation of the available certifications and its guided path. Thanks for sharing the link.

Really worth

Wow!!! Great announcement.

Wow !!! one more certification 

Good News!!! 


The badge of the Architecture Specialist losts its 2 stars.

Is there any reason for that?


Thanks for the heads up @David Hortensius

You can now see the right badge here.


Hey Tania,

Has this been updated now? In the morning it was having no star, as David raised earlier. And thanks for the quick fix.



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