Download widget in outsystems mobile.

I want to use a download widget in my mobile application, which on click will download a static pdf file in the "downloads" area of the mobile.

As there is no built-in download widget in outsystems mobile, how do I achieve this?

I tried the file transfer plugin, but that is not working either. So is there  a widget/ some other plugin that i can use to do what I want?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Amol,

Depending on your mobile platform, there's no such thing as a "download", that's why there's no built-in widget for Mobile (see more here).

You should be able to achieve that with File Transfer Plugin. Can you take a look at the File Sample App Forge component? It is a demo where you can see how to implement a file download in mobile using OutSystems.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your reply, but I wasn't able to use this to download/transfer the file to my mobile's "downloads" folder. How can this be done?

I think I am making a mistake in entering the destination url. What should it be?

There is a work around if you only plan to implement your mobile application as PWA.
I created a web block as part of the web application that allows to download files.
Then I imported that block into my mobile application.
It works, it allows to download files in phone Downloads.

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