Welcome the new OutSystems Champions - January 2021

Dear community,

Join me in welcoming the new OutSystems Champions that are excited and motivated to grow their local communities, help their peers, and share their knowledge: Abdul Quadir Saifee, Ajay Sharma, Akshay Puri, Alexandre Realinho, Carina Boom, David Castro, Eduardo Rodrigues, Fabricio Bonifácio, Frank Grooten, Gonçalo Ferraria, James Andrade, John Guiller Balo, Kees Kleybeuker, Kiran Shinde, Koushik Prathi, Leandro Oliveira, Lennart Kraak, Lenon Manhães, Luís Manuel Monteiro, Michael de Guzman, Pedro Neto, Philippe Topdjian, Rashid Anis, Sachin Mahawar, Shashikant Shukla, Shreyas Bhondve, Shweta Gedam, Toto Hugo and Yuri Vieira.

The Champions program aims to identify, recognize, and reward community leaders that are passionate about OutSystems, and who are continuously motivated to nurturing and growing their ecosystem. Since the launch of the program last month, we have received more than 300 applications! This only shows how much the OutSystems is filled with members that are playing this part on a daily basis and have been inspiring others to do the same.

I have had the chance to get to know each and every one of these new Champions’ stories, and they are truly inspiring (to say the least). Akshay has been going out of his way to mentor new developers and train them to be the best they can be; Alexandre started to work with OutSystems during university and has never looked back since; David actually taught a university class how to use OutSystems; Kees is the master of installations and maintenance; Michael reskilled into OutSystems after 20+ years in the software industry, installed an on-prem infrastructure with little to no experience and is now in love with the platform; Rashid is spearheading a program dedicated to teach OutSystems in Pakistan; and Yuri is an actual certified OutSystems trainer.

These are just some examples of all the incredible things these folks are doing for the OutSystems community, so feel free to reach out to them and find some time to know more about what makes them Champions!

Do you see yourself being part of this program? Applications are open to all community members and you can apply here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to communityteam@outsystems.com or feel free to drop me a message.

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Hearty Congratulations to all the new OutSystems Champions!!

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It's amazing to be part of this program!

Congrats to all, and thanks to @Andreia Tulcidás for all the effort and support!

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Hi @Andreia Tulcidás ,

I'm very honored to be part of the program. 

Thank You for the opportunity

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Wooot!!!  Wooot!!!!

Congratulations to the new Champions!!!

Thank you @Andreia Tulcidás 

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Proud to be part of OutSystems family as a Champion!
Thanks @Andreia Tulcidás for the opportunity.

Congrats to the other OutSystems Champions!

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Congratulations to all!

I hope for a great year of contributions and next year that we all are Champions level 2 :)

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Cheers! & Congratulations to all OutSystems Champions :)

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Congratulations to all Champions!!

Proud to be a part of phenomenal Champions  group and growing community.  Thank you for the opportunity, @Andreia Tulcidás

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Congratulations to all  

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Hi Andreia Tulcidás

Maybe because I  already applied to this program onetimes.

When I click the link you mentioned in your original post "you can apply here. "
I got the screen I attached, and I can't proceed application.

Is there another way to applicated?

Kind Regards,


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Hey Thom, thanks for your interest.

We got back to you in the end of December (29.12.2020, to be exact) regarding your status application.

However, it is weird that you cannot apply again, given that there are no limitations to the amount of times you can apply. I will reach out to our web team to confirm and get back to you!

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Hi Andreia

Thank you for the reply. I will try again later. 

I understand I didn't meet the minimum requirements for this program the first time applicated.

Now I think I meet the minimum standard, So I want to apply again.

Kindly Regards,

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Congratulations to everyone! A big shoutout to @Lennart Kraak , Yuri Vieira, @Pedro Neto and  Fabricio Bonifácio!

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Thank you @Rui Félix for your guidance and support :) 

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I am thrilled and proud that I am part of this community.

Thank you for the opportunity, @Andreia Tulcidás

Congratulations to all OS Champs!

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Congratulations to all Champions!
And thank you @Andreia Tulcidás for this huge opportunity.

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Hi champions,

It's an honor to be part of this program! Let's make things happen.

Congrats to all of you.

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Amazing! Congrats to all and welcome!

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Really thankful to the entire Outsystems Community  team to recognising me for this programme.

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I am proud to be an OutSystems Champion.

Congrats to all other Champions

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Thank you for the recognition and congratulations to all other champions!
I'm really looking forward to see what we can achieve as a team!

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Cheers, Congratulations everyone .

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Congrats, very nice to see the Champions community further expand!

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Congratulations to everyone! It's nice to see more people joining the OutSystems community of champions.

Congratulations to everyone :) Cheers.

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Congratulations everyone
Thanks, @Andreia Tulcidás for recognization
Proud to be an Outsystems Champion 

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I am sooooo excited to be part of the Champion family and looking forward to making a difference in many people's lives through Outsystems technologies. I am also looking forward to all the incredible things we will achieve together.

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Congratulation & Welcome OutSystems Champions !!!

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Hi @Andreia Tulcidás ,

I'm very honored to be part of the program. 

Thank You for the opportunity

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Welcome to all OutSystems Champions!

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Thank you so much @Andreia Tulcidás for honoring me as an Outsystem champion. For me it's like a 'Dream Comes True'. 

I'm super excited to collaborate with other champions and achieve more together :)

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Congratulations to all my peers, Thank you @Andreia Tulcidás for the opportunity to collaborate more for the community. 

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Hi @Andreia Tulcidás ,

I'm very honored to be part of the program. 

Thank You for the opportunity.

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Congratulations to all the new Champions!

And thank you very much @Andreia Tulcidás  and  Outsystems community for the opportunity and honor!

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Congratulations to the new champions!

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Congratulations and welcome to all OutSystem Champions!

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Congratulations to everyone!

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Congratulations to everyone! It's an honor to be part of this program! Thanks Andreia, thanks Outsystems!

Congratulations to all of the new Champions! :)  

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Congratulations Champions!

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Excellent guys, the family is growing!

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OutStanding effort everyone, congratulations...

Heartily congratulation to all of you!!! All the best for future :)

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Congratulations to all of the new Champions! 

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Thank you @Andreia Tulcidás for all the efforts!! Congratulations to all the Champions. I am really honored and excited to join this group.

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Congratulations to all!!!!

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Congratulations to the new Champions!

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Congratulations to ALL!!

Congratulations to the new champions! Go go go!

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Congrats & welcome to all the OutSystems Champions!

Special shout out to @Fabrício, @Pedro and @Toto, and to everyone keep up the great work!

...and also great to see the Singapore community growing with @John as its first Champion!

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Congratulations to the new Champions!

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Congratulations to all Champions!!

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Great program! Congratulations to all Champions!

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Congratulations to all New Champs !!

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Congratulations to all OutSystems Champions!!

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Congrats and welcome aboard.