Any plans to launch Professional and Expert certifications for reactive developers?

Any plans to launch Professional and Expert certifications for reactive developers?

Hi Mahesh,

AFAIK for now there is no additional reactive exam in the certification pipeline. However, I wouldn't wonder if this gets added in the coming months. Reactive is the way to go. I have seen quite a growth in terms of courses, plugins and talks on reactive. 

Keep close eyes on the Training > Certifications page and keep following the learning path of Reactive Web Developer.



EDIT: (Thanks David for the link) Specializations are the path to attain Professional Reactive Web Developer.

Hi Mahesh,

In this thread you can find more information (

I think the answer to your question can be found here (

You'll can be automatically Professional Reactive Web Developer or Professional Mobile Developer with 3-4 specializations. Nowadays there is only available two of them (Mobile Developer Specialization and Architecture Specialization ) and the two "missing" Specializations will be released hopefully in the second quarter of 2021.

Kind regards, David.


To complement David's answer, the Architecture Specialization expects that you have a lot of the Professional/Expert knowledge. When you complete that one, you are on the right track to be a "more than Associate" Reactive Developer.

Hello Mahesh,

I have attended a Regional Meetup back in Q3 2020 and it was also raised there.

As you can see we currently have the Architecture Specialization available, I believe we are still lacking 2 more specialization exams to be able to attain the Professional Reactive Web Developer Title/Badge. If I am correct, based on the previous meetup I have attended, we are still expecting for the Advance Reactive Development Specialization and Security Specialization Exams.

Please see a screenshot of the multiple paths below, containing info regarding both Professional Reactive Web Developer and Professional Mobile Developer.


This was shared at the recent Q&A event of OutSystems. Looks like there were some changes.

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