Any plans to launch Professional and Expert certifications for reactive developers?

Any plans to launch Professional and Expert certifications for reactive developers?

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Hi Mahesh,

AFAIK for now there is no additional reactive exam in the certification pipeline. However, I wouldn't wonder if this gets added in the coming months. Reactive is the way to go. I have seen quite a growth in terms of courses, plugins and talks on reactive. 

Keep close eyes on the Training > Certifications page and keep following the learning path of Reactive Web Developer.



EDIT: (Thanks David for the link) Specializations are the path to attain Professional Reactive Web Developer.

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Hi Mahesh,

In this thread you can find more information (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/63484/introducing-the-new-mobile-developer-specialization/).

I think the answer to your question can be found here (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/63484/introducing-the-new-mobile-developer-specialization/#Post270967).

You'll can be automatically Professional Reactive Web Developer or Professional Mobile Developer with 3-4 specializations. Nowadays there is only available two of them (Mobile Developer Specialization and Architecture Specialization ) and the two "missing" Specializations will be released hopefully in the second quarter of 2021.

Kind regards, David.

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To complement David's answer, the Architecture Specialization expects that you have a lot of the Professional/Expert knowledge. When you complete that one, you are on the right track to be a "more than Associate" Reactive Developer.

Hello Mahesh,

I have attended a Regional Meetup back in Q3 2020 and it was also raised there.

As you can see we currently have the Architecture Specialization available, I believe we are still lacking 2 more specialization exams to be able to attain the Professional Reactive Web Developer Title/Badge. If I am correct, based on the previous meetup I have attended, we are still expecting for the Advance Reactive Development Specialization and Security Specialization Exams.

Please see a screenshot of the multiple paths below, containing info regarding both Professional Reactive Web Developer and Professional Mobile Developer.