What are the top 5 mobile applications built on OutSystems?

What are the top 5 applications built on OutSystems that are publicly available in the App Stores?

Ideally in English, but any language would work.


What is the best mobile application you know of?

check this link,
https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-top-apps-developed-at-outsystems , mostly apps built in Outsystems are internal apps.

Thank you Marvei for your answer, I'm aware of this link and that most apps are internal.
However, this list is 3 years old and some apps on that list have a 1.6-2.1 store rating... So I would hope they don't make the top 5, as the reviews are not that kind...

Hi Menno,

I'm unaware of any such listing which rates and ranks the OutSystems (mobile) applications. However, you can check out (if not yet) the OutSystems' customer showcase portfolio/case study at https://www.outsystems.com/case-studies/. There is a filter specifically for "Mobile applications".

I have read most of the stories, the ones which appeal most to me are as below (alphabetically ordered), 



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