[Word Export Sample] Export the list table to word in a table form
Forge component by Takasi Moriya

Hi I'm using the force component above to export my list table to a word. But the problem is I want to export the table to a word in a table form too. So I want the data to be in a table on my word document. How can I do that?

I want that data to be in a table. Can I do that?


Hi Jason,

I think that this is just a sample module and not the component itself.

Please check this component, which also has a sample module maybe this provides you a better insight on how to use it.

Hope it helps you!

Is there any sample module to make a table word from excel? I don't find any sample in OfficeUtils itself

Hi @Jason Hadibrata 

You can try it or download the component with demo.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi, Sorry if I'm asking too much I'm pretty new with this

In the demo to replace advanced table he just set manually the context of the table. How if I want to implement my table list to this logic? with for each ? but how? 

I would say yes. Create a variable with a table list type and use the listappend action to append the table var to the table list.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi, I have a problem with this. 

The table in dateofdeath showing the previous and duplicate the dateofdeath. It was originally empty but it didnt empty the cell

Is there anything wrong with my logic?

When you are exporting this, to set the filed of DateOfDeath you need to apply a condition like

If(PeopleRecord.People.DateOfDeath = Nulldate(), "", PeopleRecord.People.DateOfDeath).


Gonçalo Almeida

Hello @Jason Hadibrata,

'1900-01-01' indicates a NULL date in OutSystems. You can choose to implement an 'if' condition to display a blank whenever the date is null.



Hi @Jason Deemar,

I advise you to go to the Learn and in the Guided Paths, do the following courses:

  • Becoming a Reactive Web Developer;
  • Becoming a Traditional Web Developer;

With these two you will understand better some of the concepts in OutSystems and how you can achieve the goals you want.

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