Limitation of free edition

Hi, :)

First, Outsystem is a fantastic tool to design application in a fast and efficient way (even if database management is quite basic).

I have specific questions concerning the free licence. I am building a prototype of an app on android and it will contain paiements.

  1. Is it legally acceptable to build the apk and publish it on Google play store on my own?
  2. Can i develop, build  and distribute such app in the context of a very small start up?

I consulted similar questions in the forums but the answers were not clear.



Hi Den Rick,

The limitations of the free version are documented at

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, but in free edition you only have 1 environment that has strict rules on how it stays up, and limitations on availability. Consider also that in this situation if you publish a change your production users are immediately effected. 

Furthermore, the free edition, aka Personal Environment has specific rules of engagement:'s_an_OutSystems_personal_environment

The Free edition offer as it is currently configured, is in my opinion not suitable to run apps for end users as if in production.

Older discussion on the same topic:



Hi Daniel, thanks a lot for your fast answer, it was not really clear in my mind.

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