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How to connect SAP system through this forge component. can anyone give some example ? because my client they dont want to provide sap router string. without sap router string how to connect SAP system through this component?

Hi Arkyadeep,

For general SAP connection please check related documentation Integrate with a SAP System.

This component (Sap Utilities) implements samples for frequent use cases of using the OutSystems SAP Extensibility API. It allows you to add advanced functionality to SAP remote functions you are using through SAP integration.

 SAPUtilities extension makes use of the SAP Extensibility API, setup your extension following the requirements described in here.

I am not a SAP expert, but it would be possible to setup the SAP Connection with:

Connection Type:      Group/Server Selection

Hope this helps you!

Hello Arkyadeep,

Can you explain why your customer doesn't want to provide the SAP Router String?

They don't want to provide sap router string because of sequrity reason.is there any other way to connect?like mendix they don't need sap router string.


I see. That Mendix documentation is for OData services, which is a different type of SAP integration than what is created through OutSystems Service Studio (which are for SAP Remote Functions). If your customer prefers to integrate through OData services there are a few resources in OutSystems that may help:

  1. Integration with SAP OData services can be achieved by creating a REST service in Service Studio. There's an article here on how to do it with a sample specification.
  2. There is also a feature - Integration builder - that's currently available only as part of an Early Access Program that automates this process. If you find that your customer might need it, consider signing up for the Early Access Program here.

Just one question with help of below details is it possible to connect SAP System

System ID:       



Server URL 



Yes, for an OData service you only need the Server URL, Username, and Password.

How to do that do u have any example or document

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