[Data Grid Reactive] Server side paging
Forge component by OutSystems R&D

Is there any plan to support server side paging with this component, or has anyone figured out a hack to make it work?

Hello @Greg Bennett ,

We are still gathering requirements for that feature.

Can you please share with us some of your requirements? 

Would you be ok to build the corresponding query in server side to be able to retrieve the correct page with the sorts and filters defined in the data grid?

Would it be ok, only for server side pagination, not being able to filter by value (only filter by condition would be available), not having the possibility to use the group panel?

Please give us your feedback on the topic,


Bruno Martinho

@Bruno Martinho,

Thanks for the response.  I think we'd be OK getting the "Filter by Condition" values from the grid and dynamically building our own WHERE clause, sort, and paging, and we'd also be OK with losing the "Filter by Value" option.  I haven't thought about grouping.  We'd need to manually be able to set the total count and get access to the PageSelector events, or just let the paging be done external to the data grid; we currently use a modified paging widget with a page size selector.

I'm probably forgetting something but I think that'd be a start.  Thanks!


Hello @Greg Bennett.

Can you let us know if in your use case for Server Side pagination, are you only editing grid rows or are you assuming that new rows can be added?

I'm asking because as soon as you add and/or remove rows, until you synchronize the data to the server, it would cause big challenges to do server side pagination.


Bruno Martinho

I've asked around and we're not using the grid for any add/edits at all, so we'd be OK losing that functionality to get server side paging.  We're mostly using it for the rich filtering capabilities out of the box, but our data sets are getting large...

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