[Case Management framework] Case Management Framework Case Definition not valid
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I followed this path* to start with a casemanagement app and generated a GUID (version 4) for The CaseDefinitionID, but when saving a Case, it has an error saying that the DefinitionId (the GUID) is not valid.  

The error happens in the action


I used this to assign a value for the CaseDefinition


But I am not sure about The GUID either.....

Any one an Idea?

Hi Jeanette,

I have run into that problem before, and it's usually caused due to the the configuration timer not having run beforehand (the Case Definition needs to exist in the database before creating an instance of it). Make sure that you have followed the instructions as outlined here, and make sure that you have the Bootstrap configuration Timer set up in your CS module to run when published:

Also, a couple minutes after publishing again, verify that it has run successfully by going to Service Center > Monitoring > Timers, and you should see something like the screenshot below if everything happened successfully.

Let me know if that helps.

I checked the timer. I activated it manually. It has run. Also I see the record in the database. Tested creation of my entity. No success. After that I went checking if did not forgot something. Nothing.

But then, another time published. And after a while tested agina and then it worked.

Actually I did not change anything....

Thanx for your help!!! 


I check few time all the installation steps and it look like well configurated and deployed.

Unfortunatelly when I save a new case I receive the message error : case definition 'xxx...xx' is not valid. On debug mode I saw that the issue is on the create server action on the initialize step but I cannot debug more because The initialize server action is on the protected module 'CaseServices_API'. 

Just for your information,  the case configuration timer is scheduled on 'on publish' and I saw on  the timer monitoring the next run desactivated for the two timer specified by francisco and on the view data of the case definition, I see my case definition.

So what can I do to resolve the issue or at less understand what is not valid on my case definition?

Hi Alexis, 

My answer below is based on my interpretation that your timers DID run.....(am I right?)

Two possibilities:

1. Try to publish and test again. Check if it works. 

2. When not: try with another GUID. May be it was not unique. of may be it was not the right version. (I used version 4) Follow the steps. Publish. Wait. Try.

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