Azure B2C login into App
Application Type

I need to configure OutSystems App with Azure B2C.
From Azure B2C App, I have this info:

- App name

- Application ID

- Client Secret

- UserFlow 

- Redirect Uri

- Tenant Name

It is possible with this info to configure an OutSystems App, and if it is possible how can it do?

Is there any extension maybe with .NET and MSAL that can I use?

With the component Idp, I cannot configure it cause I don't have the certificate.


Hi Pier!

It is possible, but you will need to make your own component.

I think using just the JWT component from forge to decode tokens received by the Azure B2C you could create your own component using OutSystems maybe.

It would be a matter of managing redirects, consume some endpoints and create Business Logic to create and log the users.

I won't be able to help with examples right now, but hope it can give you a north to start with.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Hi Pier, 

Check out the Microsoft Login Connector. The information you provide that you have access to matched the input needed for this login provider. 

This component consists out of several components, I will list the one I think you will need;

MLC Reactive:

MLC Core:

MLC Management:

I do notice that the documentation has gone missing. It was very detailed but I don't see it anymore, strange. I you have any questions regarding the configuration please be sure to ask in the components support section.



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