It is possible or how I can use a DB from one aplication to another aplication

Hello all,

I am new in Outsystems plataform, I am starting my new apps.

I created a web app with 2 DBs and I was thinking if it is possible create other app mobile, but that can connect to DBs to view and manipulate the data? Because the data must be in only one DB

Can anybody help?

Many thanks


Hello there, if you want to consume other apps from other applications, the best thing to do is isolate that database to a module. that module will expose those databases to any application that you want them to consume. When you have your databases on that module you can consume by going to the dependencies and to the extra module and consume those entities.

For example, I am on an application/module, and I can consume another database from that core module of a different application.

Don't forget that you have to make your entities public to see them or you can expose REST API methods to consume/read/write data from or into your entities in the application/module you want to use.

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Hi Vitor,

If you want to share the DBs/entities/tables I would advise you to abstract the DB and core actions from the UI app, this way you would share the items without compromise your architecture.

As you said you were new check this link where is explaining a little more about the architecture and what you should or not do

Also check these links: and checking the path for Reactive/traditional and mobile, the courses there will give you a very solid base to start to develop with OutSystems.

Regarding to the Mobile requirement of your app, check these links, its a must have when working with mobile 

Hope I could help you.


Carlos Lessa


Thank you for your quick and valuable opinions and advice.
best regards

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