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When trying to generate PDF I keep getting the following error.

"Problem generating PDF from HTML, URLs: -, outputFilename: C:\Windows\TEMP\.local-HtmlToPdfConverter\d032d5f8-0062-4906-b2f5-544927bc60a3.pdf"

Any feedback on the issue?

Please check if the page you want to print as pdf is anonymous.

Even by using the example on forge, it is not working. 


Will give it a shot, if it works I will mark the issue as solved even though this one is still broken

We are also getting this error for the past week, prior to that the component was working fine.  I am stumped as to the source of the problem; we would switch to another component but we are not using the typical URL/download flow, we are creating a PDF based on dynamic HTML and saving it as a binary in the database for future retrieval.  If anyone figures out how to get this working again please post!

Use UltimatePDF component. I have attached demo oml if required.


Hi all,

It seems that the CDN that hosts the binaries is having problems. I'm going to release a new version that fixes and prevents this from happening in the future.

Meanwhile, as a workaround you can update the Setup_BinariesRemoteUri site property of module HTML2PDF_Converter with a valid url for the .exe file.

Hi Miguel!

Thank you for this great tool. Has the CDN issue reported in this thread been fixed?

The converter was working fine last month but when I tried today I always receive an empty binary.

In order to exclude problems with the URL, I tried to convert the URL of Google (https://www.google.pt/?hl=pt-PT) but the result is the same, with error:

"Problem generating PDF from HTML, URLs: https://www.google.pt/?hl=pt-PT&otg_token=10018d1b-ab06-487f-8561-ad32ee50ab7d, outputFilename: C:\Users\WJB325~1\AppData\Local\Temp\.local-HtmlToPdfConverter\de35fa21-b9b8-4820-9b0f-7fd4f8d0840e.pdf"

Could you please check what is problem?

Thanks, Olivier

I am facing the same issue. Any fix to solve this problem?

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