Problem with Bluetooth sample
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I was looking to use the bluetooth plugin from Forge and saw that there was a sample so i went on try it.

I installed the last version of the bluetooth sample from Forge and i was not able to compile it.

Only after i went to the dependencies, and in some of them installed an older version was i able to compile it and after that install it on my phone.

When i tried to use the app and clicked on the button to find bluetooth devices near me it goes on a loop and does not give anything in return, not even an empty list.

Has this happened to anyone and if so were you able to solve?


Hello Rafael,

Which forge component of Bluetooth have you tried out ?

Kind Regards,

Ajit kurane.

Hello Ajit Kurane,

I am using these two.

Hi Rafael,

Adding this question to the discussion section of the Forge component itself and attaching an oml might help more.

Also, have you checked the error logs? Can you see if there is a cordova plugin-related error?


Hi Ozan Cali,

When you  say error logs, do you mean error warnings that pop out during the app or some actual error logs? I did the debug using USB connection and there seems to be zero feedback.

There used to be a cordova plugin error when i had not generated the app and was just using the PWA.

When i tried to debug it by using warnings to see where the app was getting stuck it seems to be in the js code that is in the picture i posted bellow.


Hi Rafael,

Thanks for the response. I guess that's the piece of code that handles device discovery and returns false in case of an error, but I was actually wondering about the error message itself (if there is any). You should be able to see it in Service Center error logs, or even in the developer tools in the console. 

If it actually stucks while trying to discover devices, which is the responsibility of that piece of JS code, it might be better to ask this directly to the component creators. It seems that someone else is having a similar issue, so it might be a bug on the component.


Hi Rafael,

It seems you are trying to use Bluetooth Serial Plugin and the sample application is Bluetooth Serial Sample

My question is, have you installed the application (apk) into your mobile? sometimes PWA will not get access with local system devices..

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Hello Aadhavan Shanmugam,

At first i was using the PWA and in fact i was getting cordova related errors so i fully generated the app and that seemed to fix that problem so now instead of getting that inital error the app just stays on a loop when i try to find other bluetooth devices.

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