Disable application and show maintenance page

I want to Disable my application and show maintenance page, without impacting other applications.

referring to https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/70883/global-maintenance-page-for-the-factory/

I tried the option  - Service center -> Factory -> Application -> Disable

But I do not see "Application temparory unavailble message", rather I see 503 error

Kindly help:

If you want to change the feedback message to show a maintenance page you can do that on the OnException.

you just need to choose the type of exception and put a destination if that exception is triggered.

Then you just need to pick the 503 error on the exception, in this case, is the communication exception.

you have your answer here too.


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Hello Rajkiran,

Hope you're doing well.

Are you working with a Traditional Web Application (TWA) or Reactive Web Application (RWA)?

My guess is that you're working with a RWA.

When you disable an app via Service Center, you should see that "Application Temporarily Unavailable" message:

However, I believe that this is working only for TWAs.

If I disable a RWA or a Mobile App in Service Center, they are working normally and no message is displayed.

As such, my first suggestion is that you take a look at this Forge Component.

Another alternative would be the creation of a customized "Temporarily Unavailable" page of your own and change the Default Screen property of the module and set it to that new page:

Of course, this will only change the entry point of the module. This means that you will not be redirected if you specify a page in the URL.

Let's say that you have a module called Test like me, so your entry will be https://<your-hostname>/Test/.

If you enter the URL like this, you will be redirected to your Default Screen, which is your customized page.

But if you specify a page in the URL, like https://<your-hostname>/Test/Screen1, then you will not be redirected to your page, you will go to Screen1.

Márcio's suggestion will also work, but only if an Exception is thrown. I don't know your app lifecycle, maybe you want it to be disabled even if it is not throwing an Exception.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


Hi Rui Barradas,

Sorry, I have another question. I am woking on traditional web, The disable function works for me.
But I wonder may I replace the default "Application Temporarily Unavailable"  page to  other page that I created.

Any sugesstion will be apreciated.

Kind Regards,

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