End-User Login Audit


Does OutSystems (version 11) have the ability to keep track of successful end-user login, failed attempts and potentially malicious attempts to login to an application? If not, is there a component that may help with this?

-Tenisha Lovell



I advise you to have a look at these posts.



And on this component/asset


Abou the malicious attempts to log in into an application, I really need to see, but I think that depends on the logic you do in the background, by what we consider a malicious attack you can always do your own logic. For example, if I am login with an IP from another country and its quite different from the IP I usually use, maybe I am going to consider that a malicious attack, perhaps I am just using a VPN and that's why my program is going to interpret that as a malicious attack. This is just me thinking.

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