[SSE Push Event Hub and Client] SSE connection is not made with iOS native app!
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We are building a forge and facing an issue with SSE refresh only on iOS native app. We are okay with Android and web but on iOS there is no response from GET.

When debugging we are realized the logic OpenStream runs without any issue, and SSE_Open runs without any issue but on the ios, the API request has no response. From Service center we only see this issue .

We are unsure if this issue is related to the API’s being called from iOS or something else. 

This is what is saved on the Service studio:

This is the API request from the iOS phone. you can see the response body is empty instead of 200.

Hi Ali,

I have been receiving reports of this issue for IOS.

This seems to be related with the MABS 6.0 update (specifically loading from outsystems:// instead of https://) and it seems to affect not only the SSE component but some other components too.

This might be a limitation altogether but I will need some time to check this through.

Thanks for reporting

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