Run an OutSystems application in Kubernetes
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We have a Linux only Kuberentes system setup on-premise at my company.  There is a lot of interest in hosting our OutSystems applications on that Kubernetes cluster.  (OutSystems is also running on-premise.)

I have been looking to see what support OutSystems has for containers, but I always end up at dead links. Is there current documentation that indicates what support OutSystems has for containers?

My specific questions are:

  • Can an OutSystems application run on a Linux container?
  • Can it be setup to run in a Kubernetes cluster?

If these are both "yes" then I have these additional questions:

  • How do I configure OutSystems to output a container?
  • How do I configure it to correctly record licensing data when running in a container/on Kubernetes?
  • Are there any other tips to getting an OutSystems containerized application running in Kubernetes (for example, how does the application access settings and users.)

@Márcio Carvalho - Thank you for your reply.  I had read through one of those (it has one of the afore mentioned broken links).

But the first one was new to me.  It seems to indicate that Project Neo will support Linux Containers and Kubernetes.  I have to admit that this confuses me as I thought that Project Neo was a Cloud Only offering (I get that from this post.)

Why would Neo offer the option for Containers/Kubernetes support if it can only be run in OutSystems' private cloud?  (I would love to hear that Neo can be done on premises as that means we could make use of all the work that OutSystems is putting into it.)

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