[Multiple Selection Dropdown] Page Scrolling is not working while Multiselect dropdown is opened
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Hi Folks,

I'm using this MSD-(Multiple select Dropdown) Component for my application. I'm currently facing an UI issue, whenever dropdown is opened , the outer page scrolling functionality  is not working . This is because of this CSS--> "MSD FULL WINDOW" is getting override.

But while removing this CSS, whenever the user click on outside of dropdown , the dropdown close functionality is not working.

Hi Aravind,

This 'MSD FULL WINDOW' CSS is added to cover the entire page, so when the user clicks anywhere on the page when the dropdown is open, the dropdown on click action will trigger and close the dropdown which is opened. Removing the CSS won't trigger this action. 

for your Usecase we have other components that might help: 


Hope this helps!


Saravanan Santhanam.

Thanks for sharing the information !!!

But I'm expecting those enhancement in same component.



Hello Aravindh

Thank you for your feedback.
Will change this functionality as soon as possible

I've uploaded a new version with enhancements on the component.
Please let me know if it fixed your issue.

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