[BDDFramework] BDD Framework test case scenario when inputting a form
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Forge component by Platform Maintenance
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.54.24 (Build 62760)
Platform Version
11.18.1 (Build 37828)

I looking for an example or existing scenario of testing a form using BDD Framework forge component. I have been using Outsystems for over a year for development purposes, but still a beginner in terms of using BDD Framework for automated testing.

Scenario as follows:

I have a form that I would like to test. All fields should be filled before submitting, if user leaves a field empty, an error message would appear and they would not be able to proceed. 

So far I have tried following this instruction but I'm still having difficulty, because i have to create BDD test on a new screen, meanwhile on that new screen i cannot consume the form from another web block (but under the same module).

I would like to try a more complex case, but let's start from a simple one.


This tool is only for server-side testing like server actions , service actions, ...

A form can't be tested with this. To test your forms you can use JOSF (https://www.josf.nl/)

Thanks for your answer, Kevin.

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