Aggregate Filters - Include the ability to use "IN" function

By Daniel Asserati on 24 Aug 2016

This may have already been raised as an idea, but it would be very useful to add the ability to use the "IN" function in aggregate filters.

I have switched some of my filters in an application to be multi-selects rather than single selects and this has caused all of my aggregates to have to be re-written as Advanced SQL queries.

Miguel Domingues25 Aug 2016


I have a similar use case. Instead of multi-selects I have a set of checkboxes (categories, tags) that are dynamic and stored in an entity.

Each item/product has one category/tag associated, so (un)ticking each checkbox should hide/show the items/products based on the ticked checkboxes.

The "IN" function would simplify the logic for this.

Justin James26 Aug 2016

Been raised like a million times already, but it's hard to find in search because the keywords show up in so many things. :)