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Legislation Builder

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Legislation Builder is a case oriented solution that supports dossiers, meetings and decisions in a formal setting. Such a setting is common in e.g. local government as well as board level decision-making in large enterprises. Based on the process of a large Dutch city, this OutSystems solution supports the most complex use cases in a modern look and feel
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Key benefits
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- Supports dossier creation and management to support any kind of formal meeting.

- Supports approvals, audits and information security

- Supports information management integration with e.g. OpenText Documentum and OpenText Core.

- Supports formal agenda creation and management. Includes the possibility to add new dossiers during a meeting (e.g. due to calamities or sensitive last minute information).

- Support formal meeting minutes with registration of approvals in various formats (e.g. "approved if this or that is noted"

- Support voting registration and follow up basis on the voting result.

Can be reconfigured to meet your processes.

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Need to prove that a decision was made on a particular state of a dossier? Need formal agenda management? Have long running cases that need to be tracked and protected? Need to bring multiples sources as well as teams virtual together for input on future decisions? Need to manage meeting attendees? Need to progress from forum to forum?

Whenever you legislation processes are highly formalized and need proper registration and tracing? Then this solution is what you need. Legislation Builder has proven itself with the largest Dutch city in a more rigid version. This version provides all functionality on a modern and highly configurable rapid development platform.

Technical details
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This solution is build on the OutSystems platform with out of the box integration with OpenText Documentum and OpenText Core. Integration with other information management solutions are possible.

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