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Informed Quality and Safety

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Informed Quality and Safety is a case oriented enterprise quality management system. This solutions extends OutSystems and its Case Management Framework with Informed Case Blocks framework, a framework with common case management components (e.g. case type). That layer is the foundat on top of which quality and safety processes are implemented.
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Key benefits
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- Support for any quality process in the way you want it

- Support for any safety process in the way you want it

- Reference processes to start with

- Highlighly configurable

- Fully case oriented in support of your knowledge workers

- First class user experience

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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You know that the commercial off the shelve quality management solutions do a great job until you want to bent it according to your way of working. Then the expensive hard to maintain customizations kick in. Not with Informed Quality and Safety. This is design to be configurable, easy to deploy and easy to integrate. No matter what information source you want to pull data from, this solution can handle it. Based on processes in the life science and the manufacturing industry but it can be configured to meet the needs of your organisation. Even if you are in multiple industries.

Technical details
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Informed Quality and Safety is available to customers of the OutSystems platform and uses the Case Management Framework.

Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
Construction & Engineering
Energy & Utilities
Financial Services
Pharma & Biotech
Transportation & Logistics
Other use cases
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