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With Let It Flow you can now manage your documents through an easy to use interface. The platform automatically controls the document’s SLA and using the Let It Flow Dashboard you can quickly identify critical documents that need attention.
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Key benefits
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  • Configure Your Organization
    • Built in employee Directory makes it easy to search across your employee base
    • Supports defining your organizational structure
    • Assigning each employee to the right department.
  • Configure your forms
    • Configuration of your business Document types including Dynamic Fields
  • Configure your business workflows with drag and drop functionality
    • Define actions and permissions along with the expected SLAs
Problems Addressed / Key Features
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In any organization with multiple departments, sharing and reviewing documents for approval is a painstaking exercise. Without the right access privileges for employees and the right approval paths in place, stakeholders are chasing deadlines to find the right owners to get them approved. Do iT Lean’s Document Management solution makes it easy to manage and control the attachments versions and at any step of your workflow you can forward the documents for review and or feedback.

Technical details
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Technical Details coming soon.

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