[Touch ID Plugin] Touch ID in IPhone XR

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Published on 1 Apr by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 1 Apr by OutSystems R&D

Hi All,

The Touch ID Plugin is working for both android and ios. But when it comes to iPhone XR , it should open the face recognition but it fails and throws the error.

FYI, I have the latest plugin version.Thanks in advance for solutions.


Arun Kumar

Hi Arun,

Can you tell us what error is it throwing? And what version exactly you are using? 2.11 for OutSystems 10? 3.0.1 for OutSystems 11?

AFAIK it should gracefully resort to use FaceID if the device doesn't support TouchID but has FaceID instead. You can check this other post on the Support forum, that mentions successful use of FaceID. Remember that if you just updated your plugin to the latest version, you will need to regenerate and install the Native App on your device (check this post on this Support forum).

Hope this helps!

I've been using Touch ID in a similar device (iPhone XS) with no problems. The plugin triggers face recognition instead of the fingerprint sensor without problems.