Let me take a minute to update everyone on the status of IDE’s Mac version.

We know we have a lot of developers in our community using Mac, so we decided to invest a lot on providing a good IDE's Mac version. While we are working on that, we launched the current technical preview built with Wine to reduce the costs and resource consumption of who, by that time, was developing through virtualized machines.

As you may know, the current version has some limitations. One of the more evident is that it doesn’t run on the current version of Mac OS  - Catalina.

As I’ve stated in the linked thread, we’ve been working closely with the Wine community, and we’re confident that we’ll overcome this limitation in the next couple of months, delivering a functional version at the beginning of Q2.

Needless to say, the current technical preview doesn’t live up to Mac user’s expectations nor to our quality standards at OutSystems.

What are we doing about it?
We’ve been working hard to rewrite the IDE for several months now to make it run properly on MAC.

How are we doing this?
We’re rewriting the IDE in .NET Core and a combination of other technologies, creating a cross-platform IDE, enabling it to run and be supported firstly on both Windows and Mac.

When will it come out?
A private EAP will be available by the end of Q2 2020, and we may extend it to more people in the following months. Assuming that everything works as planned, the GA date will be in Q4 2020.

Our community is very important to us, so, once again, thanks so much for your patience! 

We’ll keep the communication flowing and update you as we make progress.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the notice, Tercio!

Smart move to rewrite the IDE in .NET Core in order to create a more robust cross-platform Service Studio version! 

There's a bright future ahead of us :).

Hi Tercio,

Until there, how the mac users (with Catalina) can work with the Outsystems Studio?


Hi Hugo.

Until then, and to unblock your development experience, you can use a virtual machine to set up the Windows version of Service Studio.

Kind regards,