Outsystems UI Automated testing

Good afternoon all, my company is starting the DevOps journey and I have been looking into ways to implement automated testing for our Outsystems applications.   We currently have an old version of Unified Functional Testing but I'm not a fan, I was wondering what others are using for automated UI testing and if you like your solution?

I looked at the bdd framework but I don’t think it fits our need.    It looks to be more of a way to test server actions rather than UI flow.   Am I missing something here?

That is correct. For UI testing there are not really OutSystems solutions.

As OutSystems generates websites, there are plenty of tools available which you can use to do the UI test automation like Tosca, Leapwork, etc. They all work fine for test automation of OutSytems Web applications.



Thanks, I had looked at Tosca a bit but I was hoping to start a dialogue with folks that are currently doing continuous testing to see if anyone had any tips or software that we should really avoid.

As I mentioned, we currently use Unified Functional Testing and I find that it's a real headache to use and maintain.