Is there a CMS that can be integrated with outsystems? [Content Management System]

I can't find any CMS in the forge so I would like to find a Headless CMS to integrate with outsystems. Has anyone tried it before?

If this was not possible I would have to create my own CMS in outsystems.

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Hi Belén,

Have you looked at this component.

Also take a look at this post, they have a study case of CMS with OutSystems, check it here, if you need to develop your own it may help.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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Some other components that may help are listed in this other post.

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There are two well known CMS available as component in the OutSystems

  1. Page Compositor
  2. Content Management System by Motion10

Besides above there are many headless CMS available which you can integrate with OutSystems. Though you have to integrate all its APIs yourself.



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Hello Belén.

If you want to start from scratch and need inspiration, you can look at the Wordpress Connector I did with the most basic functions. My idea was to replace the RSS feed, so I only implemented read funtions. It can be expanded to also write into Wordpress because the API documentation has methods like "create post".

An Headless CMS will probably look a lot like that.