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I am trying to add the SilkUI forge component, but when I try to check it off on the manage dependencies area, UI flows and themes don't check off. Even if I check them manually, they uncheck themselves whenever I click apply. I need to use the iFrame utility, and I cannot use it unless the UI flows are checked. Any ideas?



Hi Dominic,

It sound to me like maybe you are making a reactive app, the silk theme is only for traditional.

There is a Reactive Iframe component in the Forge.



Hello Dominic,

Hope you're doing well.

Just to make it clear, your thread is referring to Silk UI Web, but according to your image it seems that you are using OutSystems UI Web. Both of them are libraries for UI patterns and widgets, however OutSystems UI Web is the latest version and that's the one you want to use :)

Unfortunately, OutSystems UI Web is just applicable for Traditional Web Applications. And like Dorine said, you're probably using a Reactive Web Application, that's why you cannot check those UI patterns. You cannot use the Iframe utility unless you're working on a Traditional Web App.

(For Reactive Web Applications and Mobile Applications you can use OutSystems UI library instead.)

If you want to implement an iFrame in a Reactive Web Application, you should be able to do that using HTML Element widget:

In the Tag property of your HTML element, you need to define it as an iframe:

And then you should be able to define the URL for your iframe using the src attribute of that element:

Of course, there are other attributes that you may use (such as width and height), according to your needs.

Please refer to attached OML file with an example.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


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