How to generate a certificate after passing the exam of specific course


Hi Pooja,

I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you explain in more detail?

Did you take a certification exam or one of the online courses/guided paths?



I am creating reactive web application in which there is list of courses. After completing courses, there will be exam related to that course for which user has enrolled.  If user passed in the exam, the certificate will get generate. I am not getting logic for generating certificate.


Hello Pooja.

If you did a certification exam (you have to pay, schedule a date and do it while being watched from the camera) and passed, you will get the certificate on your profil in a few hourse. From your profile I assume it is too soon for that.

So what you did was answering exercises in classes. Unfortunately, that doesn't give you any certificate.

What you can get are badges of completion. The two courses that give badges are:




Hello Pooja. 

I'm not sure what do you mean by "generating certificate.".

What kind of certificate are we talking about?

Who is the sponsor for this certificate? 

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Your question is very specific for your problem so you should give more context.

I'd say you have a list of questions. If they are multiple-choice the system can check if they are correct. If not, a user must do it manually.

Based on each question score, the exam result will be a pass or no pass.

if you pass, you create a certificate.

There are so many possible questions, that we can't guess it is your question.

Is it on validation? On PDF creation? On email sending? On linking at user profile?

I want to create certificate for them who passed the exam in pdf format


You create a page with the layout you want the certificate to have.

You then install a PDF converter (the two below are quite popular) and convert the page to PDF.



That way you get a downloadable file to give to the student.

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