Which Projects are the best for begginer developers?

Greetings OutSystems community! 😄

Please, send some projects recommendations and ideas for a begginer OutSystems developer!

Thank you very much!

Best regards. 

Hello!! Welcome!!

You can start by taking the guided paths.

In this case, I advise you to have a look at reactive course. Have a look at the link. You will find a bunch of info and training. Before doing some project, the best thing is do the training, after that start do a common project. 


But, iadvice you too to have a look at traditional.. This course I will share to you it was from where I started. Have a look, is 24h course. Where you learn by doing a project.


Recently we had the Neo's oddissey, you can give it a try, is a good start and you have a lot of examples.



Hello Rubens,

Hope you are doing well 

Adding to the Marcio answer,

Welcome to the Outsystems.

First start learning with guided path. Clear your basic things. And during the training there is movie project. You can learn lots of concept from it. Once it is completed then you can start with small projects. Implement outsystems features in that projects and learn from it. Day by day you will get positive results. Practice a lot and being consistent that would be grate for you.

Have a great day!!


Ajit Kurane.

In addition here you can find low code exercises.


Hope it helps you.


Ajit Kurane.

Hi @Rubens Inojosa 

     First, start learning with a guided path. Clear your basic things. And during the training, there is a movie project.          You can learn lots of concept from it. 


Also, I have attached the below small project for employee management, Basically, employee management was a create CRUD Operation


Hope it will help you



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