Send email from outsystems to gmail, etc

Hello. I'm creating a mobile application and I needed to know how to send email from outsystems to gmail, for example. I would really appreciate if someone could help me, because I understand little of this.

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It’s very handy to send an email from outsystems application to your users mail Id.

Follow this documentation step by step.

In additional to this you can watch this video for better understanding of the topic.

Still if you’re finding difficulties please let us know.

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Hello. I'm trying but I'm not succeeding. I've seen countless videos and I've read, however, I'm not getting it. I followed a video ( that is more or less what I want to do, but I get this error.

 I would really appreciate some help, as this program is new to me and I have never touched it. I look forward to a reply as soon as possible, thank you.

Google has announced that it’s disabling the Less Secure Apps feature on some Google accounts from May 30th, 2022. If you’re using Gmail SMTP details, you may have difficulty sending emails when this feature is disabled.

How to send email now : 

If you’d like to continue using the SMTP, you can set up an app password in your Google account.

An app password works like an alternate password for your account. It can only be used by the applications you share it with, so it’s more secure than sharing your primary password.

you will get the App Password option once you setup the 2-Step Verification.

Now use this App password to setup the Email Configuration setting in service center.


1. After setting up 2Step verification, create an App Password in your Gmail account for your OutSystemsCloud account.

2. Set the email configuration setting in the service center.

Hi  Beatriz 

You can follow the link given below

As I was also looking for the same. I found this as useful.



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