The way to successfully connect MySQL with Service Studio
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Shout out to Outsystems masters! I need your help! Appreciate it!

I wanna utilize Integration Builder to connect my Service Studio Developing environment with MySQL.

 I found the official Outsystems tutorials and followed step by step but something wrong happened. (As the image showed)

I have no idea what I should fill inside the 'server' blank. I've tried several possible 'right answers' but only failed.

Then I googled the question on the Internet, some of people said that I have to store MySQL database on the Cloud first so that I'm able to successfully connect MySQL with Service Studio by typing the URL of the cloud(?

I'm not sure if that's the correct answer or this problem can be solved one way or another. 

One more question: Is it possible to EXPORT data from Service Studio to MySQL? 

Hopefully I can get some opinions or solutions! Thank you!

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Thank you for providing those information! I will give it a try.


Hello Rita,

In this "Server" field, you must put the host/address/url of your database.


If you have a DBA on your team, ask him and he'll pass it on to you.

About " Is it possible to EXPORT data from Service Studio to MySQL? "

Can you give more details of what you need to do?


Thank you for elaborating on what I should fill inside the "Server" field! 

 I do this project with my friends so we don't have DBA. 

What should I do if I wanna connect Service Studio with MySQL?

About " Is it possible to EXPORT data from Service Studio to MySQL? " this question:

After users fill in all the forms designed inside the Service Studio, I would like to collect the User's information stored inside the Service Studio and EXPORT those data to MySQL so that I'm able to manage large amount of information. Is it possible to export data to MySQL directly? 

Or I can only export those data as EXCEL files? Thank you!



About your question: "What should I do if I wanna connect Service Studio with MySQL? "

If you have a personal environment check this post:

(it's about SQL Server, but regardless of the DB, the context is the same)

If not, your database must be somewhere accessible in a cloud, like AWS or Azure for example.

About EXPORT data from OutSystems Tables/Entity to MySQL, yes, it is possible. 

You can follow any of the sync ways of this Sync Data document, but first, the connection to the external database must be made. 


Hello @Ango Silveira!

Thank you for your reply! It really helps a lot.

Now I've create an Azure account and I connected my database with the flexible server.

However I still have difficulty connecting Service Studio with MySQL database. (As the image showed)

Could you help me find out the problem? Thank you so much!

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Hi Rita,

Some Microsoft documentation that might be useful to find the root cause of your connection issues:

Abstract from this document:

If the application persistently fails to connect to Azure Database for MySQL, it usually indicates an issue with one of the following:

  • Server firewall configuration: Make sure that the Azure Database for MySQL server firewall is configured to allow connections from your client, including proxy servers and gateways.
  • Client firewall configuration: The firewall on your client must allow connections to your database server. IP addresses and ports of the server that you cannot to must be allowed as well as application names such as MySQL in some firewalls.
  • User error: You might have mistyped connection parameters, such as the server name in the connection string or a missing @servername suffix in the user name.



Hello Daniël,

Thank you for your constructive suggestions! After adjusting the setup of the firewall, I connected Service Studio with MySQL database successfully! Then I followed the official tutorials and tried to download Integration Studio. However I found that Outsystems only provide Window version for download. Is there another way for Mac user to set up the Integration Studio? 




Hi Rita, no Integration Studio only works for Windows.

Alternatively, you could try to use the Integration Builder to connect to MySQL.

In SS, on Logic Tab, Integrations folder, right click Integrations with external systems.

Hello Daniël,

I followed your instruction and builded up my integration successfully but I go to Manage Dependencies and chose the target integration but it didn't work and showed "We're still working on this feature. ..." message. How I can solve this problem? 

Thank you!




Strange for my personal environment this works, don't you get here?

Hi Daniël,

Inside the image, MySQL_DRV is the integration that I successfully create in the integration builder, but I can't apply this integration through the Manage dependencies.

Hopefully you can help me find out the problem. Thank you!



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that is strange let me try and get feedback from OutSytems on this.


Can you share your environment platform version and service studio version. OutSystems is looking into this. Can you also check if you get the same error if you set a reference to another extension not created by the Integration Builder?

The version of my Service Studio is 11.53.8, and the version of Development purpose Debug Mode is 11.16.0. I applied "Authentication" (one of the extensions) through the Manage Dependencies and it worked successfully. Hopefully this help you find out the problem and thank you for keeping trying to solve my problem! It really helps a lot!

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