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Good Day,

I am currently trying to create a searchable dropdown that is nested and has a checkbox.I have looked at multiple discussions but haven't found anything that gives me the desired look.

Discussions I have looked at Discussion, Discussion2Discussion3.

If there is a discussion that already has the answer to this please drop the link in the comments.

@Weston Nyirenda 

Have you tried the DropdownTag widget from the OutsystemsUI Module?

If the standard dropdowntag widget doesn't fulfill your needs you could search the Forge 

Example:  https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/202/dynamic-menus)

Hey Weston,

Create two separate dropdown tag instead of doing in a single dropdown tag. For example if you select  "Guateng " and "Limpopo" in the 1st dropdown tag then "Johannesburg", "Pretoria" , "Polokwane" , "Venda" will appear in the 2nd dropdown tag. After that you can select "Pretoria" , "Polokwane" , "Venda" from the 2nd dropdown tag.

This will be one of the best approach you can use in this scenario.

Hope this will help you!!


Sudip Pal

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