Amsterdam is live!!

It is my pleasure to announce the release and immediate availability of OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam. We've maintained our focus on enterprise-scale and rapid delivery with a number of new enhancements that we believe will make you more successful in your application efforts. We've opted to take the content that would have been in a massive "what's new" PDF and modernize it. For much more detail about this release, please check out What's New or our blog.

With this release, we've implemented quite a few Ideas offered by this fantastic community, as listed below (each Idea will be updated as well). We very much appreciate the effort you take to let us know about areas you'd like to see us focus on. I hope you know that we are listening and doing our best to balance these great ideas with the overall product roadmap. Keep them coming!

In addition, we'd like to thank our Beta customers for their time, attention and effort during the pre-release cycle. Your dedication to helping us ensure a smooth release is very much appreciated - I'm sure by all!

If you have an on-premises install, head to the downloads area for access. Enterprise cloud customers can get in touch with cloud ops to scheduled your upgrade. And the tens of thousands of you enjoying a personal environment can learn more about your upgrade here.

Enjoy everything that Platform 9 Amsterdam has to offer and thank you for your continued support of OutSystems!

Best regards-

List of implemented Ideas:
Good Job! :)

I had been following the new capabilities being built into this Amsterdam version, but you still managed to positively surprise me. I didn't see that Silk UI coming... On top of all the rest, nice ;)

Also, the communication is better. It's on the Blog, News, Forum and even on a What's New website page which really shows off the main differences from previous version.

Only one thing is not clear, but not that important: Are you going to go the Android way of naming releases? Now Amsterdam then Berlin, Cairo, Dublin, etc?

Well, since The Netherlands are, of course, the most important country in the world *cough*, I'd opt for more Dutch city names, starting with that of my home town, Amersfoort :)))
2014-01-30 14-49-05
Sean Allen
Thanks @Tiago. We are quite proud of Silk UI and what it means/enables for customers and can't wait to see what you guys build with it! We are working on more complete communication with each release, you will see at least this much going forward. I appreciate the feedback.

Yes, we are moving to a more modern naming practice ( was getting a bit out of hand). NB: If you see me start using names like Kit Kat and Lollipop, you are free to publicly mock and then shoot me. ;^)

@Killian, I like it. Platform 9 Amersfoort. We could go this route, but I fear that I would never properly pronounce it.
Why on earth is it only a "minor" version?
I mean, there are really some fundamental changes (REST, Permsission model, themes) in it.
So at least a 9.1 ?

Sean, you're right, you probably couldn't pronounce it. Then again, you probably can't properly pronounce "Amsterdam" either, so... :) Besides, I didn't ask for the 's-Gravenhage version or the Schevingen version ;)
Very cool :)

I'm having a lot of issues in the Data Tab since I upgraded to Amsterdam. Right-click seems to lose context and position and stops working, or worse cuts and pastes to and from the the wrong position, sometimes hangs completely, sometimes clicking about will fix it sometimes not?

Anyone having the same issues?
Anyone know how to get it working again without backing out and closing it down and re-opening?
Hi Keith,

What version of Service Studio are you using?
There were known issues in the tree that were fixed in I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version (currently if you are still using the an older release.

João Rosado
João Rosado wrote:
Hi Keith,

What version of Service Studio are you using?
There were known issues in the tree that were fixed in I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version (currently if you are still using the an older release.

João Rosado
 I am on so I will upgrade 
Hi all,

I'm enjoying this new release, but just one question @Sean.
Where is the execution plan implemented?
"https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1779/execution-plan-and-sql-code "
2014-01-30 14-49-05
Sean Allen
@Nuno, glad to hear that you are enjoying the release. Since you are asking about the execution plan part of that Idea, I assume you've already found where you can look at the generated SQL for Aggregates. Hopefully that is a useful addition.

The execution plan is not surfaced through the Platform. The high-level slow query analysis we currently have is intended to be enough for the overwhelming majority of use cases. The SQL engine execution plan helps you identify extra indexes to add, but is a DBA task. This effort is something that is fully optimized/supported by your database management console, and we provide access to the underlying stored procedures that allow you to execute those commands against the database.

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