The state of the art for rapid application delivery has arrived: OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam. We are proud to introduce an exciting set of new capabilities to extend our leadership in the drive to make you phenomenally more efficient in creating, deploying and managing modern applications at scale. Advances in the areas of embracing very large IT organizations and their needs, our integration capabilities, the omnichannel app experience, change management, pre-packaged accelerators, along with developer and stack improvements highlight this release.

Enterprise Scale

RAD platforms are being adopted at scale. Dozens of developers working on hundreds of apps requires a serious approach to portfolio governance.

OutSystems helps enforce branding and architectural standards, while making it easy to define federated policies and security rules across the entire organization, leveraging existing identity systems.

These large and complex app portfolios can be managed from development through deployment, across the company, with proper auditing to ease troubleshooting, identification and action for all activity.

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Enterprise Scale

Integrate with everything

Integrate Everything

Enterprise IT is increasingly leaning toward composable apps, disconnecting front-end from backend, and embracing a loosely coupled architecture to support business agility.

To empower those trends, OutSystems applies the comprehensive visual modeling capabilities of the Platform (business process, visual logic, data manipulation, and more) to the rapid creation of sophisticated and rich backend microservices for standards-based (REST and SOAP) consumption both inside and outside the Platform.

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Omnichannel Experience

Creating beautiful UI that performs well on all devices, mobile architectures and platforms used to be painful.

OutSystems has combined all the best aspects of modern UI frameworks with rapid visual modeling to create Silk UI. This new framework plugs directly into the Platform, enabling the creation of compelling experiences with drag and drop simplicity, while also abstracting away the complexity and change of underlying technologies like Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

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Omnichannel - responsive UIs

Efoortless change - app feedback

Effortless Change

In a never-ending attempt to reduce the amount of time it takes to get changes incorporated into apps, OutSystems has up-leveled the ability to properly capture context and user feedback directly - across all devices. Not simply satisfied using a web metaphor on mobile, we’ve extended it to take advantage of the capabilities and likely workflow of each device.

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More Pre-built Acceleration

As a result of the ongoing focus on making customers extraordinarily productive, we are releasing four new template apps, along with a refactoring of existing template apps to make them easier to expand and integrate.

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Pre-built apps and connectors

Developer and Stack Improvements

Developer and Stack Improvements

Showing our continued dedication to evolving the technologies that are leveraged by the Platform, OutSystems has updated several pieces of the technology stack including SQL Server 2014, Oracle 12c, and Windows Phone support.

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