download for Mac OSX 10.6

download for Mac OSX 10.6


I have a Mac laptop. Do you have a download for me?

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Hi Shami,

Checkout this forum post.
Unfortunatelly there is no Mac OS version, but you could easily run it inside a virtual machine.

The videos at the Academy where recorded using a Mac OSX, with Service Studio running inside a virtual machine with Windows 7, and the Platform Server running in other virtual machine in our infrastructure.
Still no Mac OSX10  version available? Why's that?

You must use Parallels or other virtualization on your Mac. You'll probably have to deal with your screen resolution also.
Check these:
Really dissapointing that dispite a huge market share of Mac users there is no mac version. Come on !! we are in 2015 not in 2005
Hi Edwin,

I am a Mac user myself and I am sorry for the frustration... 

Surprisingly enough, there haven't been as many requests to support Mac as I would expect.  Anyway, a while ago an idea was posted, vote it up :) I guess that it's always a matter of priorities and understanding what capabilities will add more value...

Hi Edwin,

Yes it's not convenient it but it does work very well using Parallels.
Reality it’s likely to be way down the “To Do” list.
Hi all,

I do my Outsystems work every day on a Mac via Parallels without any dissatisfaction.  On a 15" Retina MacBook Pro - as soon as you tweak the HiDPI setting, you'll be working smoothly with lots of screen real estate.  I'm running Windows 10 btw. 

Anyway, my two cents.  Have a great day
outsystems is a beginner

outsystems for mac is a want .

I have been using the Parallels.

I would be nice if there is Cloud version so you can access by browser. 

Kovan Bavi wrote:

I would be nice if there is Cloud version so you can access by browser. 

Why not make a virtual machine available.. I have virtualbox running on my Mac(s) and they run smoothly. Didny try to install the outsystems dev environment though (yet).

Hi Rob! 

That's a pretty good question indeed. I believe it mostly has to do with the licensing of Windows.